Her more from life.

These pioneering hearing-enhancing earbuds have been specifically engineered with
advanced medical-grade technology, to help you focus on what you want to listen to, without just turning up the volume. The innovative design uses 4 dedicated microphones to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity, so whether you’re chatting with your partner in a busy coffee shop or catching up with friends over dinner, you won’t miss a thing. These compact earbuds are also water resistant, so come rain or shine, they work perfectly.

Engineered for world-class hearing enhancement,
music, and calls

Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds offer a hearing solution that combines the convenience and
design of true wireless earbuds with advanced hearing technology to address the needs of
millions of Americans with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

A unique solution to a specific problem

Across the world, millions of people are struggling with their hearing in certain situations. To many, traditional hearing aids can feel like a big step – so we’ve engineered a solution.

This ground-breaking technology is the first of its kind, and it’s been specifically engineered to help bridge the average 6-year gap between first noticing some hearing loss, and actually seeking help.

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