Confidence in the
finer detail.

  • Clear and crisp sound quality delivered directly to your ears
  • Full spectrum of streaming from your iOS or Android* smartphone
  • An app that allows full control of your sound environments
  • A Full day hearing of hearing on a single charge

New chip platform takes sound
quality to the next level

ReSound NEXIA offers an extended dynamic range, improved frequency response, a stronger wireless signal strength for enhanced ear-to-ear performance and better localization of sound.

Brilliant sound experience

ReSound NEXIA offers a dynamic range of 116 dB SPL and an extended frequency bandwidth of 9.5 kHZ. You will be provided:

  • Distortion-free sound processing
  • Access to more tones and nuances of sound
  • Improved ear-to-ear performance

ReSound Smart 3D app

Easily personalize and control ReSound NEXIA hearing aids with the most advanced app yet.

Unrivaled full spectrum of streaming

You can talk on the phone, stream music or TV directly to your hearing aids, hands free.

  • Direct streaming from iOS or Android devices*
  • Broadest frequency bandwidth for streaming

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