Custom Earmolds

Patients that wear behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids need an earmold that fits comfortably in the ear. Taking an impression of the ear is like a dental impression. A foam or cotton plug is placed comfortably in the ear canal. A putty type material is injected in your ear via a specialized syringe. It takes 2-3 minutes for the epoxy to harden. It is easily removed from the ear and sent to the manufacturer for production. 

Earmolds can be made for non-hearing aid wearers too. 

  • Custom earmolds for sound protection are a great way to protect your hearing from loud sounds.
  • Musicians and race car drivers use earmolds with an acoustical chamber that blocks most noise while still allowing the wearer to understand speech. 
  • Some swimmers use specialized earmolds designed to keep water out of their ear canals. Sleep molds can also be made for people that have difficulty sleeping due to extraneous noise.  
  • We can also make ear impressions of your ears if you need to take them with you to order musicians ear plugs.