Bluetooth Wireless Hearing Aids

What is the connection between hearing aids and Bluetooth connectivity?

Today’s wireless technology has made it possible for hearing aid users to stay connected to iOS and Android cellphones, TV’s, tablets, GPS and more. These personal electronic devices can stream signals directly to your hearing aids.

Bluetooth technology is most commonly used with cell phones. The sound from the phone is sent directly into both ears, through the hearing aids, without having to hold the phone up to the ear.  This not only allows for a hands free solution, but produces a clear crisp sound as well.

There is no longer a need for T.V. Ears.  The same Bluetooth technology will also send the sound from the television directly through the hearing aids into the ears.  Others in the room, can listen to the television at a volume level that is comfortable for them.

Your smartphone can be turned into a discreet remote control that allows you to conveniently change hearing aid programs and adjust volume on their hearing aids.  The hearing aids apps are free to download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Some app’s even allow you to check battery life, find a lost hearing aid and/or adjust tinnitus features.

The key to being happy with your hearing aids is to work with an Audiologist that can match the proper technology to your individual needs.  Please call our Certified Doctor of Audiologists in Fairfax County Virginia for a demonstration.