What are the Benefits of the Earlens Hearing Aid?

  • Can alleviate the sense of “blocked ears”
  • Allows for more natural sound and will automatically adjust to your environment
  • Offers the broadest frequency range on the current market
  • Less susceptible to excessive acoustic feedback
  • Has the ability to produce low-pitch sounds, as well as high-pitch sounds
  • Features volume learning
  • Features 20 channels and four customizable programs
  • Uses rechargeable batteries that can hold a full day’s charge
  • Batteries recharge wirelessly in 4 hours

2.5x broader frequency range:

Experience 2.5 times greater range of frequencies than
traditional hearing aids— for drastically improved sound quality and 32% better speech
understanding in environments with background noise


Unlike conventional hearing aids, the Earlens uses Light instead of a speaker to gently activate a custom Lens that vibrates the eardrum. This process more closely replicates the ear’s natural hearing process allowing for a broader, clear spectrum of sound!

Most complete sound

Earlens can provide meaningful amplification from 125 Hz all the way to 10 kHz, while conventional hearing aids have trouble amplifying outside of 550 Hz to 5.5 kHz. But research has shown that those lower and higher frequencies impact sound quality and speech understanding, especially in noisy environments.

Advanced, custom technology:

Each Earlens solution includes a custom Ear Tip and Lens to optimize comfort and fit based on an ear impression taken by your physician. After they are ready, your physician will place the Lens

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