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Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology, allows users to hear better with less effort.

Brain-focused hearing devices are able preserve natural noise quality in speech recognition, resulting in improved user satisfaction.

A New Kind of
Hearing Instrument

The Oticon More™ is an innovative new hearing device that lets you hear exactly what you want to hear, even in the most complex listening environments.

While most hearing device technology focuses on sounds and speech in front of the user, this device gives you 360 degrees of sound.

Innovative Technology

The groundbreaking technology inside the Oticon More™ is:

  • the ability to adjust and balance sounds
  • 50 times faster than previous models
  • able to scan the environment more than 100 times per second to distinguish speech from noise


The Oticon More connects directly to iPhone & Android devices, allowing you to stream phone calls, music, podcasts and more.

The Oticon ON app, which can be installed on Apple & Android devices, allowing you to adjust volume, switch programs, check battery levels, and even locate your hearing aids with just a tap of your finger.


A Full Days’s Power. Every Single Day.

Oticon More Rechargeable offers the simplicity of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the open sound experience, and connectivity to other devices, all in one. This all in one hearing aid comes with the sleek charger and rechargeable batteries that allow the hearing aids to stay charged all day, every day.

World’s most powerful hearing aid
(for people with severe or profound hearing loss)

Oticon Xceed raises the bar for high quality power hearing aids. Xceed provides you with an open sound experience. It is available in seven different colors and two styles: super power (BTE SP) and ultra power (BTE UP) allowing you more power, more choices and more freedom.


The worlds best solution for those with single sided deafness.

Introducing the first CROS/BiCROS solution with OpenSound Navigator™ and TwinLink dual-streaming technology. Oticon CROS is the world’s first CROS/BiCROS hearing aid proven to support speech awareness in challenging listening environments and wireless streaming at the same time. Powered by the revolutionary Velox S™ platform, Oticon CROS is compatible with Oticon’s premium product families.

The Newest Styles

Meet the More Family:

  • MiniRITE R
  • MiniRITE
  • MiniRITE T
  • BTE PP

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